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What are the active ingredients in tobacco?

  • • Polonium 210 (nuclear waste)
  • • N-Nitrosamines (cancer-causing)
  • • Formaldehyde (embalming fluid)
  • • Nicotine (addictive drug)
  • • Cadmium (used in batteries and nuclear reactor shields)
  • • Cyanide (poisonous compound)
  • • Arsenic (poisonous metallic element)
  • • Benzene (used in insecticides and motor fuels)
  • • Lead (nerve poison)

Using tobacco products can wear away the tooth enamels. Along with the wearing away of the enamel, smoking can lead to other dental problems such as bad breath and stained teeth.  It also increases tartar buildup within your mouth, and eventually tooth decay. Smoking can also delay the healing process following tooth extraction, periodontal treatment, or oral surgery.  Smoking can even dull your sense of taste and smell. Most importantly, smoking will increase the risk of oral cancer.  The choice is yours.  Stop smoking and your teeth will thank you.  If you have any questions regarding any dental relates, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 209-385-1479.  Visit us at www.elportaldentalgroup.com.