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The Best Kind of Toothbrush
The Best Kind of Toothbrush

Every day your mouth is at war, fighting off harmful bacteria and dangerous invaders like plaque. Believe it or not, your best line of defense in this war against decay is your toothbrush. Weaponized with a fluoridated toothpaste, your toothbrush can ensure victory every time you visit your dentist. But what’s the best kind of toothbrush? Next time you arm yourself with a plaque-busting toothbrush, be sure it meets these criteria.  

Softer is better

The harder the bristle the better the brush, right? That may be true if you are scrubbing your charcoal grill but the opposite is true when it comes to toothbrushes. In fact, dentists recommend extra soft bristles to gently slough away plaque and other foreign objects stuck in the nooks and crannies of your teeth. Soft brushes will not wear the enamel on your teeth, nor will they harm gums; on the contrary, a soft brush actually massages the gums to both clean and strengthen them. A soft brush also feels pleasant when brushing the tongue.

Choose a small head

Even as an adult, opt for a smaller, more compact head on your toothbrush – they are easy to maneuver into hard-to-reach places of your mouth where plaque can build up quickly. They also allow for better navigation in the mouth.

Find your fit

Brushing your teeth should be a pleasant experience; that said be sure to choose a toothbrush that feels good in your hand and fits nicely in your mouth. The angle of the brush should work for you and it should not leave your inner cheeks or gums feeling scraped up or compromised.

Electronic toothbrushes

If you do not feel disposable toothbrushes are doing their job, it may be time to consider an electric or battery-powered toothbrush. Some have settings to help brushing along; others may be combined with a hydroflossers for an enhanced and total brushing experience.

Make your own

Brushing your teeth should not feel like a chore. Get the toothbrush that you actually will enjoy using. Choose your favorite color; encourage your child to select his favorite super hero or cartoon character. Experiment to find the one that works best for you and your family. Whatever you choose, you should look forward to brushing every day.

El Portal Dental Group in Merced, California

In the war on dental disease, it’s good to have an ally.  In Merced, California, look no further than El Portal Dental Group, where our expert staff of dentists and hygienists look forward to working with you to achieve life-long dental health for you and your family. Call us today at (209) 385-1479 or schedule an appointment online now. We look forward to working with you!





A good and healthy mouth requires a great care to your teeth which include regular brushing, flossing and regularly seeing your dentist every 6 months.  Our dentists at El Portal Dental Group often recommend our patients to change their toothbrush (if you use power toothbrush to change the head) every three months.  This is not simply to sell more toothbrushes but it is to help our patients keep their teeth in good condition.  Here are the reasons:

1.       Frayed bristles:  With repeated uses, the bristles on the toothbrush become frayed and don’t effectively clean the plaque off your teeth.  The frayed bristles can’t reach all the nooks between your teeth.

2.       Cuts: The old toothbrush with frayed bristles can become sharp.  These sharp edges can cut into your gums which potentially can lead to infection.  The germs from the infection can enter into your bloodstream.

3.       Bacteria: The moisture of an old toothbrush makes an optimal environment for bacteria to grow.  By using the toothbrush, you are introducing unwanted bacteria into your mouth.

4.       Reinfection: If you have a cold or flu, the germs will remain on your toothbrush.  When you are not sick anymore, the remained germs on your toothbrush can cause a new outbreak again.